Re:Change ~Rewrite Edm Arrange Album~

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Informasi OST :

  • Title: Re:Change ~Rewrite Edm Arrange Album~
  • Format : MP3
  • Type : Insert Song
  • Game : Re:Change

01 Philosophyz (Nizikawa Remix)
02 闇の彼方へ (Shadowy DNB Remix)
03 Rewrite (The LASTTRAK Remix)
04 Harvest (taqumi Remix)
05 End of the World (LU-I Remix)
06 Word of Dawn (Halozy SMJ Remix)
07 おきらく☆きゅうさい (you Remix)
08 Instincts (Yuma vs. Tracy Remix)
09 Ignis Memory (MUZIK SERVANT vs Freezer Remix)
10 Last Desire (DJ Shimamura Remix)

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