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  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition

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    Episode : 27 Oct, 2017

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    Kirito meets a mysterious NPC and receives a cryptic message, “I’m back in Aincrad.” After reading it, Kirito and his friends find themselves pulled into the virtual world of Sword Art: Origin, a replica of the original, Sword Art: Online.

    There, you meet meet Premiere, the 14-year old AI controlling this restoration, who claims this Aincrad only exists for research and development. But something’s gone terribly wrong. You’ll have to fight your way out if you ever hope to see your home again.

    Explore the restored world of Aincrad, fend off powerful, random encounters, and unlock the mysteries of the castle Ainground until you find out why you’re here, and how to escape. Complete the single-player campaign, or join up with your friends in a robust multiplayer experience and face off against the worst that this virtual realm has to offer.


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