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  • Elisa: Seduce the Innkeeper

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    Episode : 25 Sep, 2017

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    Even if these girls are outrageously gorgeous, they are so well known for the very reason that nobody could ever manage to conquer them.
    Therefore it will be a tough challenge, nothing – and nobody – can be taken for granted.

    The game will make the player face some decisions, and by directly controlling his character’s dialogues he will unlock specific reactions.
    So are you ready to start this rich and intense adventure where for once your choices really matters?

    Our game offers more than 40 primary and secondary choices. These choices will positively and negatively influence how the story unfolds.
    • Take control of our main character; be the one to decide his dialogues. “Be good” or “bad”, it’s up to you!

    • Our girls will react differently depending on the situation!

    • But obviously, there is much more! Other than making good and bad choices, the player will have the chance to unlock specific personality traits, as his behavior is shaped.


  • eiyu senki


    Skor 7.64

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    Episode : 30 Oct, 2016

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    In a world where powerful nations run rampant and heroes battle one another for supremacy, the great nation of Britannia seeks to unite the world through peaceful means while the European Union had adopted an aggressive policy and the seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillage and plunder. Far in the East, the small nation of Zipang is stuck fast in a quagmire of civil unrest. In the midst of all this, our memory-loss stricken main character has a fateful meeting with a hero of Yamatai, Himiko. Together, they settle Zipang’s internal disputes and set off into a world covered with the burning embers of war.


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