Please Read Frequently Asked Questions below. 

Q: What is the Password For the RAR ?
A: It’s erogehouse.com

Q: The Rar is Corrupted
A: You can try re-download the files

Q: Is this VN or Eroge translated?
A: VN or Eroge in This Site is Translate English

Q: I can’t run the game/the game is crashing 
A: Please describe your problem and attach your screenshot in comment section and make sure you already changed your System Locale, Region, Time and Language to Japan

Q: How i can change System Locale, Region, Time and Language to Japan ?
A: please google it, don’t be lazy 

Q: Where i can request games and ost ?
A: You can request your game or ost in here

Q: I found a broken link where I can report it ?
A: You can report a broken link in here

If you can’t find the answer to your problem here, you can either leave a comment on the specific post.



About Us

Erogehouse is a website where you can free download “Eroge and OST VN” and you can request to upload the games,visit FAQ page to request or report broken link. I will consider and fix it as soon as possible.

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